For Your Company:

With technology advancing as quickly as it has and the increased digitization of all our information, data backup and recovery plans have become imperative. Unforeseen loss of sensitive data, database corruption, hardware crashes, human error and natural calamities can jeopardize an organization both financially and legally. Regardless of the size of your company, it is extremely important to have a reliable backup plan in case there is a need for immediate recovery of data. 


When it comes to backup plans, there are a lot of different options that you can select from. therefore you will be advised on

the most appropriate backup features for your business needs, including redundancy, speed and storage capacity.

The Issue:

It is no secret that your data is paramount when it comes to running your business. Unfortunately, most businesses either do not have a disaster recovery plan or they are still using archaic, unreliable methods such as tape libraries. The time has come for a new data backup and recovery solution! You'll get the ultimate solution for your business, tailored to support your recovery needs so that your organization can remain up and running at all times.

The Solution:

PCdOCTOR provides solutions that can help keep your data redundant and protected by utilizing a hybrid of cloud and on-site services

Home Users:

Avoid loosing any valuable files like documents, family pictures & videos etc with on-site backup consulting on how to correctly use backup systems including setting up an automated backup solution to automate backups on various media.